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Strontium Zirconate

Other Names: Strontium dioxide zirconium; Strontium zirconium oxide

Other Names: Strontium dioxide zirconium; Strontium zirconium oxide 

Molecular Formula: SrZrO3

CAS No.: 12036-39-4

Molecular Weight: 226.8422 g/mol

EINECS: 234-847-4

Density: 5.46 g/cm3

Strontium Zirconate Technology Parameters

ItemUnitSZ - 1 
Na2O+K2Owt%< 0.05Adjustable
S2+wt%< 0.05Adjustable
Cl-wt%< 0.05Adjustable
Particle Size D50 (μm)wt%0.5~3.0Adjustable
Other contentAdjustable
Packing25 kg PE liner Kraft paper


Dian Yang's Zirconates are widely used in the ceramic capacitor, PTC thermistor, filter, microwave devices, plastic modification, welding, brakes and the field of organic matter's improvement performance with excellent dielectric property temperature characteristics and chemical index.

Product Name: Strontium Zirconate

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